New Websites and Interviews Coming Soon

After seeing the comments the past couple weeks asking for more interviews and content on my blog, I have decided to combine the Jairus Reddy Blog and the Hobbes End Publishing site into one all-inclusive WordPress site. I have ten interviews with industry professionals and ten more author interviews that will be complete by the week’s end, which is when all the new websites and my blog will be ready for posting. It will have much more content, reviews and industry news. For those wanting more products, we are seeking major distribution and have three new novels and one novella that will be released over the coming months as we are expanding Hobbes End Publishing and our reach in the industry. Thank you for following my blog and be ready for the new interactive site.

About Jairus Reddy

I am a fiction publisher who interviews authors and industry professionals about the industry, other authors, politics and even Hollywood gossip. I also have biased thoughts about the publishing industry, which I blog weekly, to voice my opinions to the public. My company, Hobbes End Publishing, is not looking for new submissions, unless stated otherwise in the future.
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1 Response to New Websites and Interviews Coming Soon

  1. Sheeny says:

    Can’t wait to see your new website! I’m a huge fan of your work. I downloaded a few of your free short stories on Amazon and read one and it really creeped me out. Can’t wait to read more interviews too as i am an aspiring author and your insight is valued.

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