The Long Road to Success

I am an avid sports fan and recent events have made me appreciate the struggles of entrepreneurship. I watched the Dallas Mavericks win an NBA championship last night, after years of underachieving and failure. They did so through persistence, inconceivable work ethic, and the belief they would one day reach the pinnacle of success.

Not only was I excited to see them win the championship as a fan, but it also made me reflect on the years I have spent as an entrepreneur in the publishing industry. I have put my blood, sweat and tears to Hobbes End Publishing for the last 6 years of my life and have released a handful of great products. The first four years though, were a struggle that I can not describe in words. I had an author who abandoned ship a year after releasing his book, after having much success in selling the product. I had a manuscript that I got print ready before an author rescinded his submission and decided he would rather have a full time job then to be a writer. And I also released three books, that after further thought, needed more editing to really be as great as the idea itself is. Not to mention the constant struggle to reap a profit in an industry where print books are becoming obsolete to e-books.

The burden of money was always the primary failure of my company in the beginning. The cost of print, the cost of marketing, the cost of promotions and the cost to run a business was overwhelming.

But after watching the Mavs win last night, it gave me a sense of pride that I have had to struggle as much as I have for the success Hobbes End Publishing currently enjoying. By no means have we reached the pinnacle, but we are closer now then we ever have been. We have great products that can compete with anybody in the market. I have made the necessary connections in the industry to no longer be “The lonesome duck” in the industry. I have learned how to market and promote books, though I still have room to grow in this area, and am leading a successful publishing company.

It took Jason Kidd 17 years to reach the top and this blog was written to encourage everyone to keep being persistent. This industry is closed-knit, and doesn’t welcome many with open arms. But as the Mavs showed last night, continued persistence combined with impeccable work-ethic and the belief that you are the best at what you do, will lead to success. Keep your head high and keep going through the motions and success will eventually find you. Quitting is the only way to fail.

About Jairus Reddy

I am a fiction publisher who interviews authors and industry professionals about the industry, other authors, politics and even Hollywood gossip. I also have biased thoughts about the publishing industry, which I blog weekly, to voice my opinions to the public. My company, Hobbes End Publishing, is not looking for new submissions, unless stated otherwise in the future.
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4 Responses to The Long Road to Success

  1. craigtwit says:

    You give my brother and I HOPE that we can achieve the same level of success in the next five years, Jairus. It’s very encouraging to hear that the blood, sweat, and tears have paid off for you.
    We’ll keep plugging away and producing the best product possible. You guys do the same.

  2. Jessica says:

    This post is very inspiring!

  3. Lista says:

    What great words and inspiration. My motto to you and Stephen was that as a mom I have influenced you in many ways, but you ultimately choose your own destiny. You have a mother who is hard of hearing and she became a nurse practitioner not knowing if her hearing loss would interfere. My dad is blind in one eye and he used to fly his own plane. You said the magic words, with much hard work and perseverance you can be anything you put your mind to. You have overcome many obstacles in your life and some may have thought the negative. But you have overcome them, not given up and have succeeded in what you have pursued. Never be afraid to pursue your dream and always be flexible enough to flow with the changes that life seems to throw at times. Robert Frost said “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.” Lov Mom

  4. Sara Kay says:

    Inspiring words. If I was a writer I’d want you to be my publisher.

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