Dune Messiah Review

Ok I promised a review and here it is. The first book in the Dune series kept me enthralled through the entire story, even with the abundant description incorporated in the storyline. I loved Herbert’s writing style, and it jump started my imagination. This isn’t the first book and I had a tough time getting into the story. It seemed to drag on and on, with nothing really going on, except for foreshadowing.

I can’t in good grace give it a bad review, for the writing is exquisite. The storyline just didn’t have me captivated enough to want to stay up an extra hour at night to continue on in the story. All in all I can say I was let down by the second book, but Dune is a hard story to follow up.

About Jairus Reddy

I am a fiction publisher who interviews authors and industry professionals about the industry, other authors, politics and even Hollywood gossip. I also have biased thoughts about the publishing industry, which I blog weekly, to voice my opinions to the public. My company, Hobbes End Publishing, is not looking for new submissions, unless stated otherwise in the future. http://hobbesendpublishing.com/
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2 Responses to Dune Messiah Review

  1. Shane Smith says:

    Never read the Dune books. I didn’t even know there was more than one. Seems like I wouldn’t enjoy them. Sounds complicated.

    • Jairus Reddy says:

      I never thought I would like Dune when I first began to read the series but the first book is one of the best books I have ever read. It really draws you into the story. The second book was a disappointment though.

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