Jennifer Kay Chapman Interview

JR: I am here today with Jennifer Kay Chapman, whose short story Best BBQ on the Interstate is included in the anthology, The Endlands.

JR: So Jennifer, tell me a little about your story and yourself.

JC: Well, I have been writing my whole life. I have to find inspiration to get my creative side going so my writing comes and goes at intervals in my life. My story was inspired when I started truck driving. All the miles I put behind me, gave me a lot of time to think about what the worst case would be picking up a hitch hiker.

JR: Your story is definitely in the horror genre. Why do you enjoy the genre and what is your favorite horror story.

JC: I have always loved the adrenaline rush that a good horror story creates. Wondering if your hero is going to make it out alive or if they will run into the room they have no way out of and die a painful excruciating death. My favorite short horror story is 1408 by Stephen King, that story actually scared me.

JR: You have mainly written short stories. What is it about writing short stories that inspires you as compared to a regular size novel?

JC: Short stories give me the opportunity to create fresh characters and incorporate them into other stories. When I write a novel it seems that I spend so much time with the characters that they become stale to me. Writing short stories gives me a break in between also so I don’t get writers block.

JR: I have heard and experienced that many authors have a hard time getting started when writing a story. How do you overcome this when you are staring at a blank screen?

JC: I know what I am writing about before I start and know the general path I need to go down so getting started hasn’t really been an issue. I have to be really inspired when I start a story so my heart goes into it full. Its the middle I get stuck at!

JR: Is inspiration to write sometimes hard to find?

JC: Oh yes. So many good stories have been written it makes me wonder how will I come up with something original, but once the mood strikes me and I have a great idea, it flows from me with ease.

JR: Another question I love to ask authors, how do you get over writer’s block? This is honestly the must frustrating issue to deal with as a publisher.

JC: Really, I have a muse. So if I get stuck I go over the story with them and see what they think. They generally point me in a direction and I go from there. Or I walk away for a day or so and brainstorm.

JR: What are your thoughts about The Endlands to this point?

JC: I think it’s going to be an amazing book and it’s so exciting that so many people were given the opportunity to let the world see their writings. I think the idea of allowing multiple random authors to come together with their work to make a book is amazing.

JR: What are thoughts about the publishing industry as a whole? I mean this industry seems to be closed-knit to say the least.

JC: It is a dog eat dog world. If you dont have enough credits they won’t even look at your work anymore. It is incredibly difficult for a writer starting out to get their work known. I think it’s amazing that Hobbes End Publishing gave so many a chance to show their abilities.

JR: Tell me something that people would be surprised to know about you.

JC: I enjoy Live Action Role Playing. I am a complete nerd.

JR: Your turn to ask the questions. Ask me any question you like.

JC: What is your ultimate dream?

JR: My ultimate dream is pretty simple. I want to run a successful publishing company who has the means to help out up and coming authors make it in the industry. I want to be able revolutionize the industry by making it more open to new authors.

Short Answer:

I think the political situation in the United States is…Scary

My favorite reality TV show is…Ice Road Truckers

My Hollywood crush is…Johnny Depp

People always tell me I look like…Another girl who lives in my home town that I have never met

My biggest phobia is of…Ants

About Jairus Reddy

I am a fiction publisher who interviews authors and industry professionals about the industry, other authors, politics and even Hollywood gossip. I also have biased thoughts about the publishing industry, which I blog weekly, to voice my opinions to the public. My company, Hobbes End Publishing, is not looking for new submissions, unless stated otherwise in the future.
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