T.L. Wood Interview

Today I am interviewing T.L. Wood, author of the Eldohr Adventures series. Her first book Eldohr Adventures: Search for the Lost Kingdom was released in March 2010.

JR: What motivated you to write your first story in the Adventures of Eldohr? 

TW: The story started off as a simple bedtime story I started telling my adult daughter when she was around five or six years old. I would tell her a little bit of the story every night at her bedtime, stopping at an exciting part to keep her intrigued with this magical adventure. She was so excited about the world of Eldohr that she would get her nightly chores done earlier each night so we would have more time for my story telling. I had envisioned it to be a charming children’s book and I would illustrate the pictures for it, so I began putting pen to paper. I wanted it to have different interactive endings so the child could chose their own adventure on how the story would end. As time went by and my children got older, I found myself adding more and more to the story, turning it into the book it is today. 

JR: Whose is your favorite character and why? 

TW: Wow, that’s a really tough one because I enjoy all of the characters in their own unique way. But I would have to say that Darkling is one of my favorites. He is cheeky and not afraid to try anything, even when he knows he’s not supposed to. He has a great sense of humor and adventure. I love writing through his curious little eyes to try to perceive the way that he would since he is young. I look forward to writing more about him as time passes by.  

JR: What are your perceptions of publisher’s up to this point? 

TW: It seemed like an unreachable goal for such a long time. I grew weary of sending off manuscripts to have them returned back to me with a “Thank you but no thank you” letter attached. Nothing I wanted more was to see my story in print and hope that people enjoyed it. 

JR: Yeah they do seem to be a little impersonal many times. What do you think about Hobbes End Publishing? Before answering that, keep in mind that we are publishing your book. 

TW: I am so pleased that I found Hobbes End and extremely grateful that they believed in my vision and are publishing my work. I am humbled beyond words. 

JR: Who better to ask than an author about authors? What traits do you think separate writers from the general public? There must be something different or everybody would write? 

TW: What separates the author from the “Average Joe” trying to write a story is that it takes true dedication and desire to see it all the way through from the start, the middle and the ending… but beyond that, not everyone has the ability to tell a good story. Just because you can be wordy, doesn’t mean the story is any good. I believe a someone who has true talent is one who has the ability to describe what is in your mind’s eye in such a way that people can visualize what you’re trying to portray. You are taking that reader on a gripping adventure allowing them to really feel as if they are in that character’s world every step of the adventure. I feel that writers are more obsessed with their story because they live it, sleep it and breathe it.

JR: Good answer. I was thinking more along the lines that authors must have some weird complex or are obsessed with their story. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read, but no way would I have the dedication to write a story that may never be published. 

JR: Why are authors so quirky? 

TW: As an author and artist, I feel it has to do with allowing verbal and visual self expression of oneself. Any good story teller is going to be “unique,” because they live in their own little world of imagination… besides, that’s what makes the story great! 

JR: I agree, authors do live in their own world. Are there ever any drawbacks to live somewhere not in reality? 

TW: Yes, there are drawbacks living in that world all the time, I think anyone would go mad. But you cannot tell me that it wouldn’t be cool to ride on the back of a Pegasus! 

JR: So tell me how you handle situations like crying kids, a barking dog, or an obnoxious neighbor when you are trying to write? 

TW: I think for anyone who is an author, they understand all too well about the rest of the family and world that doesn’t understand the solitude of what you need to be able to concentrate on writing. So from time to time you do get interruptions that can be beyond annoying, but I have found that the best way to take care of the situation is set aside special time for family, friends, etc. and not allowing anything to interrupt that time. Then when you are in writing mode, you step into your little area of solace and they will understand and allow you to have the peace you need. 

JR: Oh come on. Don’t tell me you have never wanted to open the gate and let the dogs out for awhile. Your neighbors would never know. 

JR: Moving on to my worst nightmare. Do you ever get writers block, and if so, how do you move on from staring at your computer screen, to writing your story. 

TW: Well first of all I never start off working from my computer. I always keep one of those large spiral paper notebooks with me wherever I go, so I can always jot my thoughts down and try not to ever miss anything. But when I have a moment or two that I am stumped, I usually scribble down what is swirling through my head just to keep things flowing in my brain. It helps me feel some sense of accomplishment even if I don’t get anything further than where I started from. 

JR: You are now my favorite author. I’ll remember this when deadlines approach. 

TW:  Bring it on! LOL 

JR: How does it feel when you are staring at a blank screen when you are beginning to write a story?

TW: To me it’s exciting because I will always have a few pages already written down so the screen won’t stay blank for long. 

JR: Yea, I would probably give up writing a story as soon as I sat down and saw the blank screen. I don’t have the patience for that.

TW: Not everyone does, that’s part of what makes being a good author great! 

JR: What do you want the world to know about you? 

TW: I am truly a big kid at heart… I don’t think I will ever grow up.  

JR: What are you general ideas about other authors? 

TW: I really admire and respect other others for having a goal and following through with that goal to see the ultimate end result. Just breaking into this industry if your name isn’t a household word is really difficult, so when you do make it, you must be doing something right. For that anyone who gets published should be applauded. 

JR: You think so positively about authors. Maybe you could just sit in my shoes for one day and I’ll get a second opinion from you then. 

TW: Nah, I would still feel the way I do, I’m an optimistic.

JR: Who is your favorite author and why? 

TW: I have a few, but I think by far my favorite author is James Patterson. I am a huge fan of murder, mystery style novels and I really admire his writing style. His books are so descriptive, they grip you from the time you open it and read the first page, you just cannot put it down until it’s finished. 

JR: Since every other company is getting a bailout, do you think publishing companies should get together and ask for one as well? 

TW: I don’t know to be honest. It seems like it might be a good idea in the short of things, but not in the long run because everyone will have to pay for this. So is it really worth it?   

JR: It would make printing a lot easier if publishers got free money like other industries are getting. 

JR: What is the one aspect of writing that you don’t enjoy? 

TW: How long it takes to type it all out, I would say is the least fun out of the entire process.

JR: It would be nice to have a computer that can just put everything in your mind and type it for you. I should start working on inventing that.

TW: Yes, that would be a great invention and you would be wealthy beyond belief! 

JR: If you could select one book you have read to be made into movie, which book would that be? 

TW: Mine of course. LOL Seriously, I would love to see “When the Wind Blows” by James Patterson. It is an awesome story, and would make an incredible movie with all the special effects. 

Short Answers 

The economic stimulus plan is… something I don’t know too much about. 

Rihanna should… dump Chris Brown and move on with her life! Once that line gets crossed and abuse begins, there is no going back. As they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me again, shame on me. 

People always say I have a strong resemblance to…Crystal Bernard… the actress from the TV show Wings.

One celebrity who just can’t avoid scandals is… Amy Winehouse… she is a train wreck who cannot seem to get away from the drama. 

One thing that you love to splurge on is… ice cream 

I can’t stand… heavy traffic jams 

My celebrity crush is definitely… I don’t have one

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